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November 18, 2014

Little Prince


What makes the mother-child relationship so special? I think I slowly get the answer by now.
When he still in your wombs, he’ll kick you hard when you let him listens to zikrullah, Al-Quran recital and some comforting music. 

I know, the kicks mean that he’s happy.

When he kicks you whenever you are too busy with works, it means that he’s hungry and asks you for a dine together.

When something bad happens, you cry so hard, your emotions had overflowed, he will kick you too! That’s the way him telling you not to weep, wipe your tears because I am your little hero and I will always be here.

Yesterday, when I was holding another baby, suddenly he continuously kicked me so hard! Are you jealous my dear? Haha.

Whatever the signs are, Baby, your kicks make me stronger. Your kicks make me realized that apart from our Lord, you will always accompany me. Everytime and everywhere.

That makes our relationship with our mother are so special. We had been interacting with her since we were in their wombs.

Glad that I have 3 heroes now; abah forever the king, husband forever the prince and you, forever the apple of my eyes.

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