Friendly Friends

June 27, 2012

Wake Up from Nightmare


i'm in the phase of my life where i don't feel like meeting people. i wanna hide in the world where i can only see light, and myself. i hate the ideas of going out as i just wanna be alone rather than facing realities.

bitter realities.

sometimes, i believe that this is the test from God for me, who seem so far away from Him. He wants me to remember and be loyal to Him, always, but the bad side of me always rebel. He wants to drag me back to the real path of life, and realize that never takes things for granted. never again. 

i try to be positive. the truth is, i never was. i always have this negative mind, which told me that there's a reason why it didn't work on the first try. to tell you, i hate failure on the first try! a good friend of mine from Jenan reminded me and said, Einstein tried many times. He faced failures almost every time until he reached the point where he can smiled and said, well done to me! yeah. in some way, this advice touches my heart as i adore Einstein very much. thanks friend. (as if you read my blog)

thanks to bunch of people who support me endlessly. i really appreciate your thought. thanks to my parents and my family who never fail to put trust on me. thanks to Amir for always be there when I cry like a cute baby. hehe. eh, did i smile just now?

and, thanks to my lovely roommate for sharing your soggy shoulders. and for those who wipe my tears by your touching advices and supports, Timah, Kimah, Mimi, Nani, Mior and Uya, i thank you.

my old friends, i can't believe that you are still there, for me. As, Shiela, Speko, Razin, Gee, Azhar, Bella, Ilya, Idah, Wahida, Hanis, Nuru, Syuk, Mas Ayu, Suhaila, Ku Mazuan, Jade, Wani... thanks for you wishes. i read them all. thanks. words can't describe how lucky i am for having you guys as my friends!

for the sake of my life and my family, i will try my best. one day, i promise, u'll see me in paper, receiving awards entitle 'Best Teacher of the Year'. pray for me. pray for me.

"Dan janganlah kamu (merasa) lemah, dan janganlah (pula) bersedih hati, kerana kamu paling tinggi (darjatnya), jika kamu orang beriman." -3:139

"Barang siapa bertakwa kepada Allah nescaya Dia akan membukakan jalan keluar baginya, dan Dia memberinya rezeki dari arah yang tidak disangka-sangkanya. Dan barang siapa bertawakal kepada Allah, nescaya Allah akan mencukupkan (keperluan)nya." -65:2,3

insyaALLAH, i can do it!

at first i wonder, can i do it? then  think, if others can, why not me?

words can't bring me down.

 dare to dream.

today i realize that i am strong!


June 25, 2012

How to Deal with Failures?


let me start this story by telling another story. 

there's one girl, who really loves languages and literature
she loves to talk and its easy to deal with her if its about languages
she went to the SBP school since form 1, which offers only science stream for the students
she refused, and wanted to move out of the school as she wanted to become a lawyer
she thought that it would be great if she can take literature 

however, she was lucky enough as she got 8As for her PMR
the family and the school management said,' If u wanna go out of this school to take accounting, then its okay. but to take literature, better if you stay.'
what say she?
' i'm still a kid.'
i'll stay here.

2 years in the school, learning science was like putting her into troubles
but to talk about languages, she was able to put herself into a class where only 30 best students in English stayed together.
she managed to score the best marks in her batch once
so do Malay Language
her teachers called her as the diamond of the school for all her helps 

later on, 
she seek for a place in matriculation and university
yes she got her places there but fate brought her here, to IPG
she's now doing her degree in teaching

when she applied for a place in IPG, she said she wanted to be an English teacher
but she got a science course to be taken!
i got my English result much better than my sciences result!
i needed to polish my Physics and Chemistry!
i must learned Biology!
what on earth are you offering me??

few lecturers said that she was born to be a great teacher
she is talented
she has the talent and the ability to transfer the knowledge to her students very well
she is affectionate
she has a loud voice 
she can teach very well!
her guidance teacher from a school where she went for her practicum also said the same thing
' U have a very big potential to be a great SCIENCE teacher'

she got her result for last semester
for the first time
she failed her Chemistry
after all this while, she still can control all her not-understand in science but today...

she wonders
am i really can be a great teacher?
i have another chance to repeat the paper or else, goodbye 'teacher'
where this fate brings me later?

and the girl is me, as you expected
i need your moral support
i feel so down

June 17, 2012

No Place Like Home


few photos to be shared. 

kat kampung yang jalannya bertentangan dengan rumah

no caption.

my preggy sister-in-law. hello my nephew! come here fast!

my only younger sister. much taller than me. hi sis and good luck for your PMR. beat us if you can. haha. i know you can!

aiyee. budak terbang. aduka pati betul.

tiba-tiba mak mai. exercise katanya. cute betol. kami terus posing kat keliling jalan. see, my mak is super cool!

we are siblings.

Apam Polkadot dari


godek punya godek, sebenarnya nak cari resepi untuk perelokkan aku punya apam polkadot sebab nak try ambil tempahan. tapi terjumpa apam polkadot yang sangat comel ni! terus order 50 biji untuk rasa (dan masuk contest sebenarnya. hihi)

mulanya ada masalah dengan pos laju. aku pun taktau la kenapa depa anti sangat dengan aku. asyik ada masalah je dengan pengeposan. aku bank in duit 28 Mei dan keesokkanya, aku dah dapat tracking number dari ni. tunggu punya tunggu, seminggu lebih jugakla tak sampai-sampaila. aku buat aduan la. yela, kempunan kot! mna-mana aku pergi, aku pesan kat mak mintak telefon aku cepat-cepat kalau parcel dah sampai.

aduan diterima dan dilayan dengan baik sekali. depa tanya nak teruskan order ke, nak refund dan mestilah aku nak teruskan order! sehari selepas tu, aku dapat apam yang diidamkan. aku pilih warna-warna, filling strawberi, blueberi dengan coklat. 

da sticker khas yang ditampal pada bekas isi apam

aiyee, gebunya!! mak abah puji comel. terasa-rasa sayang nak makan.

aku pun tak faham sejak bila aku suka benda comel.

dalam dok sayang nak makan, aku sorang je hadap dekat doploh biji sorang.tengok, isinya cekelet.

mak, adik, kawan adik dan kawan aku si Tora pun suka! 

makan-makan sambil minum petang kat pondok dpan rumah.

bagi jugak dekat kawan-kawan adik yang main perang-perang kat rumah. semua puji sedap!

hampa tak teringin? sedap, gebu, comel dan servis yang sangat memuaskan. tempah sekarang di