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July 3, 2012

And It Goes On


for the very first time in my life, i went to Alor Setar tower for sight-seeing. actually i am a  'gayat-type' person but i successfully overcome the problem. eureka! yeah

peeked! his specialty as an army.

Alor Setar's view. where's Tesco Mergong anyway?

meet me, the walking grapes on purple dat day.

guys, you have to pay RM6 per person and you will be escorted by bodyguards until you reached the sight-seeing level. trust me guys, it worth every penny!

ah, i love this pic! it makes me look so tall!

Amir, thanks for the balloon! 

anyway, i'm done for retaking my Chemistry paper and it was much more difficult than before! maybe i should start looking for another job?

maybe not. InsyaAllah

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mia izzati said...

alalala comeynyee belon minie tu..