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March 25, 2012

Preloved and some are never worn items to be sold. Grab fast!

assalamualaikum. kat sini ada beberapa pieces baju dan shawl dan kasut dan barangan wanita yang aku nak let go. sila tengok dan kalau berkenan, drop komen di bawah ye. aku sentiasa update.

code: Q001
dark brown skirt
very elegant skirt
nover worn, price tag pun ada lagi
bought at rm48, let go at only rm28
free size

 code: Q002
muslimah T jenama Qirani (madi in Indonesia)
very cute and comes with hoodie
worn 3,4 times only
bought a rm49, let go at only rm25
tagged L but fit M and smaller L better

code: Q003
tudung bawal
never worn
bought at rm24
let go at only rm9!

code: Q004
super cute dress!
specially made to create a feminine persona
small stripes
bought at rm40, let go at only rm25
fit S, M and small L
never worn

brand: cheetah girl
a smart yet so adorable attire
tagged L but fit S and M sizes
original price RM80, bought at half price, let go at only rm25
wore 2 times only

code: Q006
beautiful dress. nice to be worn with cardigan or inner
ribbon on waist
bought at rm28, let go at rm22
never worn (except for trying purpose)
fit S and M sizes

another kawaii dress.
never worn except for trying purpose
bought at rm40, let go at rm35
from MissLily Collection
fit S, M and small L

bawal scarves: light yellow
never worn
bought at rm22, let go at only rm9!

a very feminine look cardigan
super soft cotton
never worn
let go at only rm12
free size

muslimah dress from First Lady
size S
worn but still in a good condition
comes with beautiful beads
let go at rm15

never worn except for trying purpose
size M
let go at only rm20

happy shopping. don't hesitate to ask for measurement. most of the items are seriously-never-worn by the owner. why should u waste ur money on buying expensive clothes while i'm offering high-quality-things?


♥ Cik Zack ♥ said...

cntikkkkk ^__^

Qaseh Ana said...

ana br buka blog qirah..bnyk ja entry qirah xtau npa xnaik kt ana pnya notifcation kt blog..huhuhu..maaf xjoin GA yg qirah da tag..ana nk tnya..brg2 yg qirah nk let go ni dah clear stock ke x lg?
maaf ya sbb lmbt baca..tq..