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March 24, 2012

Pictures and Words.


at last, i could prove that i am able to make apam polka dot myself.

i' proud that i'm Jenanian. my school, where i first learned to walk rather than crawl.
these are the babies in the family. mom always holds them like this and asks me to take photo. 

we start to give present for newly-wed couples. for sure, this messy handwriting is mine.

gender? unrecognized.  but this cat is adorable. seriously. when u hold it, u'll feel like wanna eat it!

my sister and i were playing this large dam aji. fun but weird.

i had uncovered my new ability. i can do batik painting. being left-handed is not the barrier.

in life, i learn that sometimes, we need to ignore things unimportant. it is obvious that some people wanna pull us down. just be strong and act like nothing happen. they are nothing, just annoying. and it does not harm us at all. they'll hurt much more than we do. believe me. peace! :)

i'm okay. i'm not crying because i feel nothing. pity you. hehe

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