Friendly Friends

December 26, 2011

Little Miss Stubborn


using harsh words.
lack of trust
very stubborn
couldn't control the emotion

yet crying all alone.
regretting what had happened.
why are you so nice and still being there?
supporting and loving and caring while i am the one who always disappointing?
i know i can't find someone like you
time flies but you stay the same
people keep telling me that you are like a diamond
still sparkling in the hard times.
yet very valuable and only those very lucky can be the owner

i am the chosen one.
the chosen one among all the girls in the whole world.
he promises to take care of me no matter what and he still hold the promises even how stubborn i am
please shaqirah
be a grateful person as your name are
please change for the sake of the relationship
you love him for years but you still don't know how to show it.
please someone teaches a teacher like me!


uyaitusaya said...

tanam kesetiaan dan semai dengan kepercayaan..:)

LintasKoran said...

nice share