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March 25, 2011

it must be love,but its over now...


berapa ramai yang hubungannya terputus di tengah jalan?even worse,only manage to take few steps ahead but then,you pick your broken heart that scattered along the pathway.
i'm not saying that girls tend to cry over the halfway relationship because some guys do.

i'm not saying that guys are always be the person-who-ruin-the relationship because some girls themselves are the ruiner too.

life gets too much probabilities.

it depends on us; how to take care of the relationship.

for amir and I,we do quarrel like others.haha.but i must admit that he's much much much cooler than me.he knows how to handle my anger.whenever i was like going to explode,he'll stop the conversation.after 10 minutes,he'll call me back and ask me in a very soft tone..see?i just need 10 minutes to cool down.haha

'marah lagi....?'

then i'll laugh loudly and say no.

we want to be together till the end of time.we can plan for the future but Allah has planned a great great destiny for mean,all of us.pray for the best and let Him do the rest!

mood:rindu nk speaking and writing in English.haha

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